The Best Dry Cleaners in Northern Kentucky

  • By Joshua Hannah
  • 29 Apr, 2017

How to Spot a Premium Dry Cleaners

Asking the right questions will help you find the best dry cleaners in your area.  Do not assume that all dry cleaners are alike because every dry cleaners has their own shortcomings.  I will list a few reasons that make Atlas Dry Cleaners one of the best in the Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, OH area.

1. Services
  Atlas Dry Cleaners offers many services that include Free Pick-Up and Delivery, Same Day Service and On-Site Cleaning.  We also have a seamstress on site Monday - Friday.  If you have a garment that is leather, suede or fur that's fine too.  Have a wedding dress that needs to be cleaned and preserved?  No problem!

2. Process
  Look for a dry cleaners that has a dedicated spotter and dedicated inspector.  The quality improves immensely when you have an experienced spotter and someone that checks every garment before you receive it.  Look for a dry cleaners that pay employees by the hour.  Some dry cleaners incentivize employees by piece count per day and this can lead to a decrease in quality.  Human error is involved in the cleaning and pressing process so make sure your dry cleaners has a standard policy in place if your garment becomes compromised.  A good dry cleaners will always follow the care label to provide recourse for both parties, but things do happen and you want a dry cleaners that will make it right when things go wrong.

3. Reviews
  Always do your due diligence and see what your fellow customers say about the establishment you are considering.  Yelp, Google and Facebook are a good place to start.  You can also check Angie's List and local magazine and newspaper awards within your city.

Happy Hunting!

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